Aerospace Engineering and Technology

We use rapid prototyping to make magic for our customers. See why companies hire us as their go-to team for Research & Development.


Specialty Aviation

Private and military aircraft customers rely on Send Solutions for new products and innovative ideas. Including noise cancellation, and wireless engineering.



Custom-designed solutions for defense and tactical needs. We create ruggedized products for special mission customers around the world.


Airtext Messaging

Powerful communication capabilities can be easily added to any aircraft with our satellite-based text messaging platform.

Aircraft Text Messages

Now with FAA approval. Used on 50+ aircraft types with thousands of global customers.


Stay Connected

Airtext solves the problem of staying connected electronically to business, friends and family without the high cost of a traditional internet option.


Satellite Connectivity

Now you can send and receive SMS messages using your mobile phone during flight. Our product works on the ground or in the air. We use the Iridium satellite network for worldwide access..

Meet Our Founder and CEO

David Gray loves a challenge. He created, grew, then sold his first avionics company, Flight Display Systems. Now he’s delivering technology solutions to the aviation industry with Send Solutions.

  • Innovation
  • R&D
  • Custom Electronics

Custom Engineering

Engineering solutions don’t have to take months or years.


Fast Results

Using proven startup methodologies and rapid prototyping, Send Solutions makes magic for our customers.


Modern Electronics

We’ll quickly deliver accurate representations of your ideas using modern electronics and technology.

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